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Surgery cancelled. Thanks MVP! Knee is doing much better.

These folks are the best; they are nice, take time with you, and I can’t imagine going anywhere else for my physical therapy.

Thanks…for making my shoulder feel so much better! I love the whole atmosphere there and the care and attention from the whole team!

My experience at MVP Therapy could not have been better. From the moment I came through the door I was given the best of care. The whole group exudes compassion, kindness, patience and understanding. Their knowledge of how to care for my condition was world class! I would really rate this whole office as a perfect 10!

I have nothing but great things to say about MVP Therapy. From the moment I walked in, I felt like the therapists/aides were completely committed to helping me get relief from my symptoms. I miss coming!

I was always included in the process and understanding of their approach. Through friendship and motivation I surpassed my surgeon’s expectations. MVP has proven exceptional for post-surgical rehab for athletes of all kind.

Had no idea therapy could be fun until I went here! Great people and very knowledgeable!

Great group of people! Glad to have people encourage me to press on. If you need some PT, definitely check them out!

I would highly recommend this practice for patients of all ages…the staff at MVP treated two members of my family; my 22 year old son had a sports related injury and my 75 year old father had issues with strength, walking, and balance. Brandon and all staff there were able to design tailored therapy programs and home exercises to meet their individual needs. Both made great gains and appreciated the personal approach and supportive environment.

I am very grateful for the magnificent professional, personal, thorough, down right exceptional service received while a patient at MVP for two TKR’s. Thank you!

Having experience with three other facilities over the years MVP Therapy gets an A+ from me. Thanks for the physical and emotional support your staff provided.

Unlike other physical therapy offices, all the therapists knew me and my case. They all stepped in to keep me busy with minimal downtime. This maximized my effort and minimized the time spent in the office.

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